Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More wood-stove baking

This is the oatmeal bread I baked a week ago but was not able to post the pic b/c my knee has given me trouble again and I couldn't get upstairs to the 'puter I use to download my pictures. But as you can see, it is possible to make nice even and evenly browned loaves of bread in a wood cook-stove oven. If anyone would like the recipe just email me or leave a comment.

I made these Banana-nut muffins the other day as I had bananas coming out my ears and needed to get them used. This is one of Hubby's favorites. My oven wasn't quite up to temp (400*) but they baked well anyway. It has to do more with keeping the temperature even during the baking process.

Since I am not going to get to make Christmas cookies as usual this year, I would delight in at least seeing what any of you have made. Are you baking in a wood stove oven? Or an oven on top of your wood-stove? I'd like to hear....

You all have a warm, merry and Blessed Christmas!


Vickie said...

Sunny, looks like you've got that woodstove mastered! The bread looks great. I know nothing about wood stoves, nor do I know anyone that actually has one... actually I do, but they use it only for heat. It's in their den. Your stove is pretty, and old timey looking, which I love. I'm sure you'll get many, many years of cooking and heat out of it!

Rose said...

Hey sis, can you hear better since you got those bananas out of your ears??? ;-) Those muffins and bread look delicious btw!!