Thursday, December 10, 2009

Getting Chummy with Your Wood Cook-Stove

Wednesday snuck up on me this week!

Actually I haven't cooked much on my woodstove this week as I had been trying to use up leftovers from the huge meatloaf I'd baked in the oven over the weekend. I had also made 4 loaves of my easy oatmeal bread.

Baking in the oven is not hard. Once you get your oven going at a nice even temperature that will hold for about 45 min at least, you are set to bake your bread. The main point here, at least for me, is to remember to turn the bread pans around about 2/3 way through the baking to allow them to brown evenly.

Maintaining even temps in your oven does take practice, but dont be discouraged; every oven is different. Take some time to getting to know your particular stove. It just takes a little attention to detail.

As for a meat loaf or a roast, again, once your fire is stable for however long it takes to cook your meat, it is much the same as baking it in gas or electric oven, except for the richer flavor that is :)

If you cook on a woodstove, please leave links to your blogs so we can all learn from each other. Also, do any of you have a grandmother, mom or aunt who used to cook with wood? Tell us your fond memories of it.

Thanks for visiting! Happy wood-stove cooking!

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