Friday, October 23, 2009

Neat give-away

Hey ya'll! I have just been over to Kentucky Farm Girl's blog, and she has a wonderful give-away
going till Oct. 29th. Take a hike on over and look at what all is there! Just click on this link, "Sit-Back-and-Relax" give-away

While you are there, be sure to give her a nice country "Howdy!" and check out her other posts. Very informative! I especially liked her post on how to make a bird suet feeder out of a piece of tree limb!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Re-visiting Nutrition

I think it is good from time to time to do a check-up on the foods we are taking in, at least for us. It is easy to slip back into " it tastes good so I'll get it , just for a treat". Since I am packing hubby's lunch once again, it has become too easy to pick up bags of chips at the grocery store to include in his lunch. Not only is that expensive but has no nutritional value. I usually pack a good sandwich on whole-grain bread, a fruit of some kind, or cottage cheese and fruit, and a couple homemade cookies or pie.

I decided to make my own trail-mix with items I had picked up at the bulk foods store. It contains a pretzel mix, dried pineapple, apricots, cranberries, raisins, cashews, and a few dark chocolate chips. I would have put in brazil nuts if I'd had any, and some pumpkin seeds. Maybe next trip.

Those of you that pack lunches, what do you add for a nutritional snack?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall is in the Air

Nothing like crisp fall air to make a person want to gather the last bouquet of the season and cook up some heart-warming food!

Below is rabbit stuffed with Cranberry-Walnut stuffing on a bed of seasoned brown rice, chunky applesauce, and a Turk's Turban Squash pie.

I also made a Bean n' Barley soup with Kielbasa. In addition, a Skillet-Corn-Bread makes this a nutritious meal!

Now if that wouldn't warm your tummy, I don't know what would!