Friday, February 25, 2011

Project finished- 1 pr warm socks!

Finished these last night
Whoo-hoo... comfy!
Love 'em!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Kentucky Burgoo ... and other things

BURGOO (ewww) .... a southern soup-like dish I never thought I'd care for, but Hubby brought home some fixing's the other night .....

.... and we got at and added to, and made 3 huge pots-full. We canned 15 qts., put 1 qt in the freezer and had enough left for a couple meals for the 2 of us. (We had googled for a recipe to see what to add)
Doesn't it look good?? It is!

We just cannot see good food going to waste. So, leftovers from a company dinner, and a couple bags of lima beans, blackeyed peas, and celery, carrots, and onion that we had on hand.... oh, and 4 bottles of BBQ sauce and seasonings. and we have quick meals to open at a momments notice!

The kitchen had already been cluttered cuz I was out all day seeking references for paintings. But we pushed things aside and did it anyway. BTW, one of the most useful things I learned growing up was...

... how to stack dishes! Our canning was done and kitchen clean by 11 pm.

Meanwhile I have only a few inches til my 2nd sock is done. I will post when they are so you can see too (two ?)!
Ah, yes.... and I need to give Izzy a bath and a trim. Doesn't she look like she needs one???

Maybe I'll get to pick up a paint-brush yet this afternoon.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Winter is Alive and Well... but I Must Paint

We had blizzard like conditions a couple days ago. Total 6' - 7" snow. It lasted all day long until about 9 pm.

Next day almost as bad.

A very crisp, cold morning. yesterday. I had planned to get out and do some plein air painting but woke up to a -5* !! No outside painting today...
(I thought this was KY ... not PA!)

Today it finally warmed up to 17* by 9:30 am, so I got my stuff ready to go and pulled on my wind-suit over several layers of clothing. Paint, thinner, canvases paint rags. Yep... going to do it!
I was back home at noon with this... at Sunny's Studio.
Thanks for visiting!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Here They Come....

.... back again.
Second day of seeing this band of turkeys.

Only this time, closer to our house.
They are good-sized birds for being wild ones.
These turkeys, huge as they are, can fly up into the trees and roost at night. We have come upon them before in the woods, and they make a loud sound flying away.
Country life is grand.
PS. Right now SW Kentucky is getting a white-out :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Turkey, anyone?

We had visitors today... of the feathered variety. I got up early to let Izzy out to do her potty chores and this is what I saw from our front porch.

A herd of turkeys! .... well, a flock. But it looks like a herd to me, don't you agree??? Must have been 50 of them at least!

They didn't waste too much time getting across the field. Do you suppose they knew we had... er.... well.... they were in a hurry anyway. Didn't stick around too long.
Amazing what you find here in the country. Thanks for visiting!