Saturday, February 5, 2011

Turkey, anyone?

We had visitors today... of the feathered variety. I got up early to let Izzy out to do her potty chores and this is what I saw from our front porch.

A herd of turkeys! .... well, a flock. But it looks like a herd to me, don't you agree??? Must have been 50 of them at least!

They didn't waste too much time getting across the field. Do you suppose they knew we had... er.... well.... they were in a hurry anyway. Didn't stick around too long.
Amazing what you find here in the country. Thanks for visiting!


Julie Fukuda said...

You are right. It sure looks like a herd. The only place I have ever seen more than one turkey at a time is on a turkey farm. Thanks for sharing those pictures.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Wow - amazing! And yes, I think it looks like a herd of turkeys. In CA we often had turkeys moving through the back woods - we could hear them calling to each other as they went by. They never stayed long, but we loved the sound and would rush outdoors to listen to them each time they came by.

Susan said...

That is amazing!!!

Jennifer said...

WoW... Theres sooooo many, Very Cool! I've never seen that many, lol Thank for sharing. Are you enjoyin this nice Kentucky weather today, I am :)