Friday, November 7, 2008

Michael's Quilt

I made this quilt for a very special little person who was just crazy about "Nemo". I used the basic 'through attic windows' pattern and backed it with an ocean waves print bordered by a night sky print, hopng to create the feeling of being out on the wide ocean , far from land and the busyness of everyday life.
So did I really make this quilt for that special one? ..... Or did I make it for myself?
It did have that calming effect while working on it.. I hope in a way it brings peaceful sleep and sweet dreams to the one covered by it at night.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yesterday was "the" big day! On November 4th, we celebrated 30 yrs of wedded bliss! ....... along with tears and laughter, through hard times and good times, struggling and enjoying life together.
If asked to descibe our life in few words it would be, "A Wonderful Adventure". My husband is not only my life companion, but also my very best friend, encourager, and supporter. He has encouraged me to never be afraid to try a new venture.
He had asked me a few days ago what I would like for our anniversary. I told him I would like him to write me a poem, ........and smiling I added, "to post on my blog".
Low and behold the next morning when I got up there was an envelope on the dining room table addressed to me. He had written it in the wee hours of the morning...... I opened it ;
(my name)
This thing you ask Is a really big task.
I am not a poet But you already know it.
I need to rhyme These words of mine,
To say with heart When we are apart,
"Come back to me And you will see
Tried and true, I love you."
I want today's post to be a tribute to my wonderful husband!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh ....... my favorite time of year.

......... Now I get to take the vase of wild sweetpeas off the wood cookstove and fire it up!

I love the smell of wood-smoke outdoors as I walk in the yard in the cool mornings, look at the changing colors in the trees, and make my way to the barn to check and feed our rabbits.
Our firewood is cut (at least enough for a good start) and stacked in the carport. I have always loved stacking firewood. There is a sort of art to it; stacking each piece just so it all fits together nice and straight.
But the best is eating the food cooked on top the woodstove, and home-made-from-scratch-bread straight from its oven! And yes, you can also make pizza in this oven, and it does a great job of popping corn in the black iron skillet on top as well!