Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Look what Hubby got for Christmas!

No more lugging each armload of firewood up 3 steps into the house!

What a back-and-knee saver! I found this handy wood-hauler through Lehman's online store. I had been looking for something like this for the last couple years but nothing I found was this sturdy. We need to make adjustments as we get older to keep living the country life that we so love.

The wheels are spaced so that we can just roll it back the hall, through the door, and let it set on the top step as we fill it from the side. It holds about twice the wood you see on it here; plenty for 24 hrs in our stove. We are going to enjoy this handy tool!

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Rose said...

Hey, that's a great gift! I know what you mean about making adjustments as we get older. Even though my laundry is all on one floor now, I decided I didn't like carrying laundry baskets full of dirty clothes... so I bought me a hamper with 3 sections and wheels on it! Great for sorting laundry when I take it off, and for taking it to the laundry room!! I keep my mind and eyes open for other good ideas as I get older. Love the one you found!