Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wood-stove Cookin' Wednesdays!

Welcome to the first post on Wood-stove Cookin' Wednesdays!

Nothing tastes better that food cooked on a wood-stove! It replaces the need for electric wintertime crock-pots, and can pop up popcorn to out-do Or*ill Reden*ocker !

There are many wood cook-stoves available to choose from. We happened to choose an Amish-made Kitchen Queen because of the larger fire-box and oven. You can also cook on the surface of any number of wood heating stoves, if that is what you happen to have.

The basic requirements for keeping a wood-stove in good operating condition are the same, whether it is a heating stove or a cook stove.

1. Keep the ashes cleaned out and the chimney clear of creosote.

2. Use dry, seasoned firewood, not green wood; as green wood tends to cause more creosote build-up.

3. Have a good supply of kindling, and a couple different sizes (diameter) of firewood for varying degrees of heat.

4. Allow the stove to heat up slowly; don't build a "fast fire " all at once or you run the risk of warping the grids and sides of the fire box.

The best varieties of wood are oak, maple, apple, walnut or any of the other hardwoods. We have used pine and hemlock also. You will likely need to use whatever is available in your area. Get to know the kinds of wood, their heat out-put and burn times.

These few simple tips will have you well on your way to successful cooking on your wood-stove!
We welcome any and all comments, tips and experiences! We will try to find a way to link up with other wood-stove cooks!


Rose said...

So glad for you that you were able to move and set up your cookstove. I know how much you always loved it!! Wouldn't be "home" to you without it! Love ya sis!

Tina. said...

wished we had some of that dry heat here, it's cold outside, brrrrrr!!!!

~GweN~ said...

Nevermind the dry heat....that would have really came in handy on Cookie Bake day! LOL I do have a question though....Does it give the food any different taste at all?

Sunny said...

I think it all is more flavorful! But that could be in the image of the thing. Sight, smell, comfort ..... all has an effect on the enjoyment of the food I think. I seem to relax and enjoy it more when I am cooking with wood.