Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Too many hens.... not enough chicks

Four more chicks were hatched out yesterday. The problem is, three hens want to claim them. Three hens were sitting on 1 nest that had gotten split into 2 nests and this is the result. I thought, "Wish I could talk to King Solomon. He would surely know what to do." When I went back out later to get a pic, this hen was the one who ended up with the chicks; the silkies must have been scolded away :)
I think two of these are silkies and other white w/gray butt islike this hen. The black one is from one of the little banty's I got at the farm sale early this spring.
Oh yes, one silkie jumped back up on the remaining eggs. I will let that go on a few days and then pitch them if none hatch by then.

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Rose said...

Let's see, if memory serves me right, King Solomon would have divided one each between the three hens, then the 4th would have to be cut in 3's for them...?? Of course, they are chickens, so it would not have worked out the same with them. LOL...