Monday, June 22, 2009

A Sweet Deal!

Last winter, when we lost our freezer due to power surge during the ice storm, we were able to replace it with this......

It is an "either-or" 13.5 cubic ft freezer/refrigerator. We also got $50 off b/c of being the last one in stock. This means , once we use up most of the food it holds ( right now the last butchered cow) we can move the rest into our regular freezer and use this as a refridgerator at garden time when produce comes in faster than can be processed.

We are looking forward to watermelons, cantalopes, corn, green beans, tomatoes, corn, squash, cabbage, swiss chard, and did I mention corn?? all from our own garden.

On another note ...... I am also looking to go to a harbor freight store and get one of those 3-burner hot plates and hook up to a 20# propane bottle and do my summer canning outside in the carport, instead of heating up my kitchen. Oh, yumm! I could slow cook my spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce all day and still be cool! not to mention vegetable soup to be canned!

No, the power surge did not blow my mind, this is the "real me" talking.

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Rose said...

OOOhhh! You make my mouth water!!!