Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer is for Sandwiches!

I don't know about you, but around here the busy summer time means sandwiches appear on the menu more than at any other time of year. Sometimes my hubby has to jump on the tractor first thing in the morning, especially at haying time; no time for a sit-down breakfast, and later I run a sandwich out to him at noon. Here are some of our favorites combinations .....

Breakfast sandwiches
1.Peanut butter, honey and raisins on cinnamon-raisin bread (mine)

2. Ham, bacon, or sausage and egg scramble, topped with shredded cheese in a skillet-heated tortilla wrap (his)

3.Fried egg and sausage patty or bacon, cheese slice and mayo on w/w toast (his)

Lunch on the run

1. Tuna salad with chopped celery and onions on w/w bread or wrapped in a tortilla shell with lettuce

2. Tomato and onion slices (thick sliced) with mayo on w/w or oatmeal bread

3. Swiss cheese and dill pickle stackers, mustard and mayo on multi-grain bread

Now for the meat lovers .....

4. Cold left-over roast rabbit or chicken, lettuce, cheese (any kind), tomato, onion, mayo and mustard on whole wheat or oatmeal bread (any choices of the above)

5. Sloppy-joe (with home-grown beef burger and home-made sauce) and cheese on whole-wheat buns, add pickle if you like

6. Shredded home-canned venison in bbq sauce, cheese and pickle in buns

To any of these meat sandwiches, a layer of potato chips under the top "lid" of the sandwich gives an extra interesting crunch, for those that eat them. And thats about as far as my time and imagination will take me.

Do you have favorites that you would like to share?


Humble wife said...

Oh I agree with this post, we get so busy. Living in the southwest most of ours are burrito style, although I prefer a mile high veggie sandwich loaded with all the fresh veggies from the garden sitting on my homemade bread!

Sunny said...

Sounds good to me Jennifer! I am more for veggies than meat also. It's hubby that goes for the meat

Rose said...

MMMM. Yep, and sandwiches are good for people who have no one to cook for too. Hey, have you tried adding hard boiled egg to your tuna salad sandwich? I guess two of my favs are egg salad, and a fried egg sandwich. Eggs aren't just for breakfast either!! :-)

nobody-but-us-chickens said...

Yummm, these sound good, I'll give them a try!

I see you mentioned sweet potato plants. I have only started to eat them lately and love them, could you write a little about how to grow them, I know zip-zero about growing them and any hints or tips would be great.