Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rain, rain, go away......

I find it hard to believe that here it is the middle of May and the only thing growing in my garden is last fall's garlic sets and weeds! It just has been inpossible with all the rain to be able to plant, and my neighbor tells me her plants have about drowned anyway. The way it is going, the scare-crow may be in the garden before the plants are :/
Meanwhile here are a couple pictures of our garden last year, just to keep me encouraged ......

I had ordered sweet potato plants this year because I like the compact bush variety, which I hope to save some over winter and grow my own slips next spring ..... but I am getting way ahead of myself. The plants came on Monday and the ground was barely dry enough last night to get them in the ground. We had heavy thunderstorm rains this morning so I hope they will survive. So now there are 3 things in my garden
Plans are to plant when possible, and I am hoping for another shot at cool weather crops in the fall. The areas that don't get planted will be broadcast with buckwheat seed to grow and be tilled in to feed the soil.
We humans like to think we are in control of our lives, and until a little thing like rain lets us know better. We may as well choose to be happy :) and just do the best we can. I am going to!
I choose to be happy with whatever I can get in my garden and not worry about the rest.

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