Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer Projects -Pergola

This project took place the end of June
The same crew that put on my new garage roof last year. They do such neat work!
Rick, in the orange tee-shirt, is head of the crew, a really nice guy.

From the doorway looking out at mid-day....
(with pet-gate#1, found on Amazon)
I had the chiminea, that I brought back from AZ, moved to the deck.
Yes, it will be safe to burn, but don't leave un-attended.
You only want a small fire in these.
and pet-gate #2
My dogs love to go out and sit with me. Well, I sit...... they run around!
Have a wonderful day! I will be back with more projects!


Rose said...

Yes it looks fantastic. After sitting under it I'm more anxious to get mine going!

Deaf Ranger said...

Sure looks sharp. I'm sure you will enjoy it now that you have a nice place to sit outside and enjoy. Well, I guess you have your swing area too.

JO said...

Every deck needs a little cover and yours is great. My friend used a flexible hose to vent the smoke upward away from her patio worked great. I'm so in love with your place. You have made it so welcoming very cozy.

Vickie said...

Turned out really nice, Sunny! I imagine you'll be spending lots of cozy time out there! Oh guess you got some pinion wood to burn? It smells wonderful!

Nancy1340 said...

Love your new addition. Are you going to grow some kind of vine on it? Really nice looking.

TexCyn said...

LOVE IT!! The gates were a great idea too - now they can just run & play & run into you all they want! ;-)
I just loved my visit there, you have a nice humble spot out there in the country.

Nancy1340 said...

Are you ever going to give us a update? :-)