Saturday, October 5, 2013

Waterline is In!

It has been a while since I have posted. The summer has been very busy!
I hope to do some catching up ........
The guys showed up early in September to put in my waterline to the new garden/hen-house area, and on to the barn, about 150 + feet.
That little Kabota machine did a great job! Of course, so did the operator :-)
It really didn't take long at all....
This will save me carrying water a L-O-N-G way during the winter.
He is almost done with the digging. I love watching these machines work, and smelling the freshly dug earth. It reminds me of all the Bobcat 'n bucket work my husband did both in PA and later when we moved to KY.
If you click on this next picture, you can see the first hydrant has been put in. Look below the right corner of the house. The on-going waterline is at the lower right corner of this picture.
The ditch was dug and waterline covered by 1 pm that day. Now all I have to do is wait until it rains several times fro the ground to settle. They say that is the best way, instead of packing the dirt back down right away, as that would tend to leave a "ditch" later on.
So glad to have this job done! Thanks to the guys for such a good job!


Vickie said...

Good morning! Glad you got your water line in - looks like those guys are doing an excellent job.

Just wondering if you got your tummy troubles cleared up, Sunny, since you got your goat milk. I've been reading about kefir and kombucha and have been toying with the idea of doing the kefir. It's easily accessible around here and I thought I might try it just for health reasons AND I understand it eats sugar - which my husband and I don't need.

This first photo is beautiful. It would make a great painting of your place with the overhead sun on all those autumn trees....

JO said...

You are one busy lady with this new life change. I am sure it is helping with your feelings of life. Fall is in your area and it is beautiful.