Monday, December 6, 2010

A Delema or A Blessing??

I am about to do something either very exciting (to me) or something very stupid. Please help me out with your imput.

I have been aware for sonmetime that I cannot drink/use cow milk even from a raw dairy without some stomach upset. Ice cream has also been making me sick as well (I CAN do without the ice cream though). I can do ok with yogurt.

I have just found I can purchase 2 goats (wow! honest-to-goodness dairy goats .... in KY... amazing!! ...... ) (we have raised goats previously for 20+ years in PA) and have fresh goats milk again... YUMMMM! These goats will be fresh early in the spring.

Question.... do I want to go this route again? The 2 x's a day milking?

1.Would probably mean no trips to PA unless the goats were dried off (where my kids and grands live) but then have only been once in 7 yrs anyway...

2. Would be a poss thing for me to look forward to each day. Loved my goats!! plus the milk !! Goats milk is good for you!!

How does one choose what to do??


Susan said...

It's hard to make those kind of decisions. I always prayer about it and when I make a decision, IF I have the peace of God I know it's the right one. If I don't have that peace I DO NOT do it, no matter how much my "emotions" tell me I could.

I know I'm preaching to the choir with you Sunny, but just reminding you :o)


Piecefulafternoon said...

Can you just buy goat's milk? If you aren't wanting to get into the expense and daily routine of milking, that would be my thought - but then I'm not a farming gal.

You could buy a LOT of goat's milk for the cost and upkeep of two goats.

rhonda jean said...

Hello Sunny. How long do goats live? You'll be making a commitment to them for their entire lives. My husband cannot drink A1 milk. That milk usually comes from Holstein or Friesian cows. When he drinks A2 milk (it's a different protein) from either Guernsey or Jersey cows he's fine. Maybe you could look into what kind of milk you're drinking and see if the other kind is okay for you.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Do you have neighbors who would help on the rare occasions you travel? blessings, marlene

Jennifer said...

Everytime I think about gettin goats I ask myself these questions... cause it would be me and only me doing all the work, well my ds11 said he would help, lol. I vote get the goats :)

Cant wait to hear your decision!