Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decision Update

I really appreciate all who took the time to comment your thoughts on my goat decision. Its always good to get other imput.
So, here it is....
1. The decision on these particular 2 goats was made for me, as they were sold as I was deliberating.... I'm ok with that.
2. My hubby and I talked long about it, throwing ideas around, pros and cons, what would be needed as far as housing, feed, care.... and he actually was quite supportive. When I said we didn't "really have to (have goats)", he'd come back and say "well , we could put the door-way here..." He even told me about a co-worker that makes an alfalfa/grass hay we could buy...
3. Beings as HE bought me my first-ever goat before we were even married, we do have a long history with the animals, and do realize what all it entails, so not like we are jumping off a cliff here.
4.This would be different from our past history with goats; in that we would not be registering, showing and milk testing for awards, raising for export, and not multiplying, as in not having our own buck(s) and not keeping the kids.
5. So.... we will work towards (get ready to) have our 2 goats by early spring, for our milk, cheese-making, yogurt and a once-in-a-while awesome batch of goat -milk fudge! Just our do-it-yourself preference over consumerism.
I could post many, many pictures, and write alot about our past goat ventures; starting a goat 4H club in our county, then on to showing in 3 states through ADGA santioned shows, and once nationally, a wall full of ribbons, trophies, top-ten-in-the-nation milk awards for the Saanen and Nubian breeds, grand champions, best of breed winnings, top bloodlines, you name it.... those days were exhilerating! I'll just show you one here, lol ..... but.... that is in the past. And I prefer to go forward. So I choose to be content with not trying to do all those things and just enjoy two ( 2 ...... only two) goats for our use and purposes.
Again, I really appreciate the imput offered. It helped me think with a clear head, not just react. I appreciate all of you and count you as my friends!


Jennifer said...

Cant wait til spring to see your new goats :)

Piecefulafternoon said...

Looking forward to seeing all your cute goat pictures.

floweringmama said...

Hey Sunni,
I don't know how I missed your original post on the goat conundrum . . . but I'm in the middle of finals and nothing surprises me this week!

Gardening and canning is about as far as I've gone I can't imagine raising goats and chickens ... oh my what fun!

Sue said...

Hi Sunny, I didn't get in on the last post,, but I know you are going to really like having goats again, and am looking forward to seeing how things go and sharing all of those recipes.