Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Taking a "Me" Day

Since I have pretty much goofed off all day, after goofing off yesterday because my internet was down, I decided to cook, really cook for hubby. We had been eating last week's meatloaf and venison vegetable soup for several days. He came in last night and looked at the soup .... again .... and said with a smile, "Oh, something new I see!" Yah, bread and peanut butter with it!

So I decided to apply myself today by making Scalloped Potatoes and Baked Beans and a nice coleslaw with pineapple,

(I didn't think about pictures until supper was in the oven)

and bake a Country Apple Pie with Oatmeal crust .......

(picture taken before I baked the pie) It is still in the oven. I am not very organized :)

I was working on my "Sunflowers" oil painting this morning, that I had started months ago and never gotten back to. I now have about 7 hrs in it so far. Art work needs to be done in the day time when the light is good ........ I am supposed to be working , you know , at a real job, but things are very slow right now.

Besides, everyone needs a "Me" day once in a while. Don't you agree??


Tina. said...

Yes, I certainly do!!!! The food looks wonderful, and the painting, even at the stage it is at reminds me of summer at your place!

Stacie said...

Your oven is so clean!!!!

And your painting is beautiful!!!

Rose said...

I second what Tina said! The painting is coming along nicely! They look so real!!!

tberry29 said...

Wanna come clean MY oven..Lol
Everything looks delish, and love the painting, what talent you have.
New follower,

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Do we ever!! The apple pie sounds so good! blessings,Kathleen