Monday, February 15, 2010

Saturday Morning ... and an Afternoon Surprise!

We started off with a breakfast of bacon, eggs and Homey Oatmeal Scones, with dried cranberries and raisins! Baked in my cast iron skillet in the wood stove oven..

Topped with real butter and Pennsylvania honey! (the best of course ;)

Then it was out to cut another pick-up load of wood for hubby while I cleaned and puttered in the house. He cuts and splits the wood ...

and it is my job to stack, which I just love. Its great exercise!

Meanwhile in the early afternoon, a package was delivered to the door....
It had gloves and tee-shirts and cookies for hubby, a toy and treats for Izzy, and for me a teapot cozy knitted by my daughter Tina, to fit my Brown Betty tea-pot; along with an infuser that sits in the teapot, and some natural organic Lavender and Chamomile loose-leaf tea, and Stevia from Restoration Herbs. I made some and sipped it all afternoon Sunday! You can click on the photo and bring up the detail on the cozy. See the buttons in the back where it buttons under the handle? Didn't she do a fantastic job??


Stacie said...

Hi Sunny,

I am happy to hear there is another woman who loves stacking wood! Also, your breakfast looks amazing! How cool to cook in a cast iron skillet in the wood stove. I have 3 cast iron pans I just got out to season and start using. I don't have a wood cookstove....but it's on my future list!

I have also been meaning to send you and email and tell you that I'm glad you liked my farm post. I hope you have made a decision you feel at peace with. Is that what the post on your other blog was about?

I really enjoy the posts on both your blogs. :-)

Rose said...

Stacking wood sounds relaxing and fulfilling! And Tina did a great job on the cozy!!!! Very cool!!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a wonderful day :)

Vickie said...

Hi Sunny - your daughter is very sweet and talented! Nice gifts she sent ya'll~

I like stacking wood, too. I like the way it looks and I feel like I've really accomplished something!

Sorry I missed some of that supper! It looks great!

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Yum! Those scones look great.
I am completely envious of your wood cook stove- that is awesome!
What my husband would do for that log splitter- he's been using a maul for too long!