Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bloggin' Woes!

My floors are dirty,
My house is a mess!
The dishes need doin'
But I need a rest .....

The wood needs a carryin'
Thank you, Lord, for the cart!
With all of this work
I just can't fall apart!

(But just an hour,
or two.... maybe three,
To do my bloggin'
Don't you all agree??)

The hens need a feedin'
The garden a weedin'
But I'll just be a moment ....
My bloggin' I'm heedin'

Then on to the supper...
Oh! its later than late!
I'll throw on some 'taters
For my hard-workin' mate!

Oh mercy, oh me!
Time goes too fast!
TV's a time-waster
But bloggin's a blast!!

~Written by Sunny~


Stacie said...

Very clever, Sunny. Made me smile. I know that exact feeling for sure!

Rose said...

Wow! Long time since I saw you rhyme! Must be you are feeling fine, hanging a poem on the line...
Love ya sis!

Deaf Ranger said...

Now com'on, You can't be weeding a garden now! (But I can....) hehe.

She Who is by Birth said...

Hahaha... Nice. I can certainly agree with the sentiment expressed here.

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Sunny,
Very cute poem, and true. lol thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

Very Cute!