Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Food Preservation - part 2

I love the bright sun coming in my hall entry in the morning as if to say "Good Day" to me on my way to the kitchen

It will be a busy place today with all this........

Yumm! spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, and canned-tomato time is here! And there are plenty more tomatoes in our garden where these came from ......
Herbs from our herb garden are used to make a nice aromic and flavorful sauce.

..... oregano and basil here .... after cleaning, inspecting the leaves, and removing from stems, I chop them up fine. A pizza wheel run back and forth over them does a great job.

I make my sauce the lazy way, and just whurr the whole tomates in the blender; seeds, skin and all. No waste that way. Then cook it down with added salt, bell peppers, onions, celery, and when reduced in volumn I add the herbs.

Cook another 20 min, add precooked ground beef and sausage, put in jars and process. Spaghetti sauce is done in quart jars, pizza meat sauce (with our own farm-raised beef) on the left is done up in pints, and so are the canned tomatoes..
Nothing like home-made. A lot of work, but every bit worth the trouble. There is something very satisfying about putting up your own food. Time to go pick the next batch of tomatoes!

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Tina. said...

Yummmmmmm, and yah I am still since you are doing yours up now you will send me the recipe???? Love you!!!