Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fall garden

I don't really know much about how other people in Kentucky do with their gardens, but I am going to be experimenting with fall gardening this year. Besides, I felt a little cheated this spring with all the constant rain preventing me from planting a good bit of my veggies.

I have planted a double row of Sugar Snap peas, 2 double rows of English peas, some mixed lettuce, baby spinach, and swiss chard. That is sweet potato vines you can see to the right of the new rows.

I also used 1 row and sprinkled in some cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower seed to see if it would germinate and grow. I covered all rows with a thin layer of straw, like when you plant grass seed, figuring it might shade the seedlings til they get a start and also help keep the ground from drying out so fast.

Then early this morning I soaked it all down good with the sprinkler....... well, to be quite honest, I almost flooded the garden area because I got busy and forgot to turn the sprinkler off until 7:30 tonight. So the seeds are good and soaked. We are due for some rain the next couple days and cooler weather the next week so I thought I'd just "stablize the seed" by giving the ground a good soaking. Time will tell if anything grows.

I also had to sit down in the shade from time to time under the pin oak tree in the yard next to the garden. Look what grew up beside my garden chair this summer .... another little volunteer sunflower!

Do any of you in the middle southern states plant a fall garden ? I would like to know what crops you plant and when and what you have had succcess with. All comments welcome.


Tina. said...

I wished we had a second gr0wing season hear in PA...but then I guess it wouldn't be PA it would be Kentucky!

Rose said...

How blessed you are to have a 2nd chance!!