Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thawing Out.... (Pictures added)

Little icicles have been falling all day, slowly at first , then as the day wore on, like cascades of shimmering swords! Still, the sounds of breaking branches and limbs are being heard, and the sight is not so pretty in places. The once elegant trees around our beautiful farm now look tattered and worn, broken by the weight of the frozen liquid that feeds them in other seasons of the year.
Still, I am content knowing that spring is just around the next corner and with it, new growth that will cover the ugly brokeness. and as the sun comes out and melts the ice, the trees once again will lift their branches toward their Maker, free of the icyness that held them bound.

Hummmm....... kind of like us when the Son gets ahold of our hearts, softening them: making them warm, tender and clean again, we are free to praise and magnify our wonderful Lord and Saviour, Jesus!

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