Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice-Age update

The Southern States truck made it in this morning, over down wires on the lane, to deliver our rabbit feed. We had to go out last night to get a new freezer as our 20-yr-old one quit due to starting and stopping so much. The ice on the trees was an amazing sight in the headlights, looking like diamonds big as golf balls! Where the road winds down a long hill, huge tree branches were hanging down in the middle of the road. It was like running an obstacle course for about 2 mles, dodging and turning from one side of the road to the other. We are supposed to warm up to near 40 today and a little more the next, so we may get some thawing , but we hear more winter weather is on its way. This is such fun!

Dear hubby rigged up a power inverter unit that he used to have in the semi, to the battery out of the car, to run power to the laptop and the Hughes-Net so business can go on in the office as usual...... ALL day. Yep , back to work! You all have a great day. Stay warm, Kathleen in TX, Amy in OH, and of course my daughters,in PA.

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Tina. said...

Great! Glad you are thawing out you send some our way? Doesn't appear that we are going to be warm enough to "thaw" yet. At least we do have power. It's gone out a couple of times but came right back on.

Love you.

P.s. forgot to bring my cell phone to work today so will call you later!