Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer Projects -Pergola

This project took place the end of June
The same crew that put on my new garage roof last year. They do such neat work!
Rick, in the orange tee-shirt, is head of the crew, a really nice guy.

From the doorway looking out at mid-day....
(with pet-gate#1, found on Amazon)
I had the chiminea, that I brought back from AZ, moved to the deck.
Yes, it will be safe to burn, but don't leave un-attended.
You only want a small fire in these.
and pet-gate #2
My dogs love to go out and sit with me. Well, I sit...... they run around!
Have a wonderful day! I will be back with more projects!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pretty Flowers this Year!

Want to see some of my pretty flowers?

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What was I thinking???

So I had to wait a whole year before those 2 little goats would kid and produce some milk???Where was my head? I had been having stomach trouble again and in the past the goat milk had always helped. So back to Craigs*list...
That's when Greta came to live here...
And then there were three!!
Doesn't she have a sweet face?? If I saved her milk for a few days
I could make cheese....
and yogurt..... Yumm!!
Again, I went back to C*L .....
....and brought home Heidi (the one in the middle).
She has a real Alpine temperament,
 but I love her anyway.
She is a beautiful cinnamon brown color and white.
So, 2 milkers, 2 kids, and that is the extent of my herd( other than the buck which my friend and I bought together and will share) Jack's picture will be posted soon.
 Meanwhile, Daughter #2 and her hubby came over and trimmed up these pine trees for me so the ground in front of the barn would dry up and I could see the barn from the house
There is a little door up top where hay can be put in the loft. It should hold at least 80 bales of hay.
 Front and left side of barn.

And the saga continues....
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Craigs*list can be addicting; especially when you are feeling antsy and don't know exactly what you should be doing, or want to do, or what you wanna be when you grow up!

  Izzy and Joe just lay around most of the time.
So, I thought I'd like a parakeet or 2 to give my home some "life".  I found them on Craigs*list!
Then I found out from this book ....
that oil painting fumes as well as air fresheners and scented candles and cleaning products can be lethal for these birds. So THAT wasn't going to work! I will still want to do my painting!
 I kept the cage and traded the birds for some "Red Valentine" rhubarb plants, also found on Craigs*List.
....which I planted on the other side of my garden near the edge of the trees. I got a bucket of horse manure from a friend to add to the soil. Rhubarb loves that. I hope they grow well so I will have plenty of rhubarb next year.
My grandson Bobby, came over and helped me get the weeds out of the fence surrounding the garden and we put down roofing shingles under the fence so I would not have that problem again. He did a great job and worked hard.
I had also ordered 6 blueberries bushes that I planted on the backside of the garden. Unfortunately I think only 2 are surviving. We shall see.... 

And then..... I saw this picture of these 2 little goats (again.... you got it, on Craigs*List) I thought about it for 3 whole weeks. Daughter #2 wanted to go see them.

Ok , so they ended up at my place somehow ....
Aren't they sweet???
My brother, who was visiting from AZ, helped me build that nifty door for their pen.
Thank-you Deaf Ranger!
Thanks for visiting. The adventure continues.....