Monday, October 7, 2013

Can A Gal Have too Many Chicken Coops??

This was my original plan....
This is the existing coop, I hinged the windows to open out and wired on the inside to give air ventilation
I made up some goatmilk paint for the walls to brighten it up
and then built in this partition. I also bought cheap linoleum for the floors to make t easy to clean.
The chickens were to go in the middle part, and the feed room where you enter.
BUT, plans sometimes have a way of changing themselves.....
As my turkeys have literally taken over the original chicken coop (pictures of turkeys, when I have a chance), I have been perusing chicken coops online and Craigs*List 
My daughter found this one and encouraged me to look into it. It was on skids, was deliverable, and was half the price of other new ones I had seen.
6 x 10 with nest boxes accessible from the outside...
Lots of roosting space, chicken door to outside pen,
Nice nest boxes... and a separate space for feed storage.
Nice enough, however it only provided 6' x 6'for the chickens.
The feed and bedding storage was 4' x 6' which I thought was over-kill. And it did not have the window space as was described to me over the phone. Oh well, it is a start.
Then one day on a country road, I saw an Amish -built one with low sidewalls and stopped to inquire about it. They had built it, and used it one year to raise meat chickens; but were moving and so put it out by the road to sell.
Whew, it was clean.... and I could not believe all he was asking for it!
(my picture is crooked, not the coop)
This is 10' wide and 12' to back, a "sky-light" on the shingled roof, and 4 cut-out openings for either chickens to go out, or use plexi-glass for extra windows. Really solid built! With a little re-vamping I can do ALOT with this coop!
Just planning for the future.... Someday, the goats may be more than I want to (am able to) take care of. This will be a hobby I will enjoy and it will still get me outside! Hubby and I always did like diverse chicken breeds, so now I will have a chance to raise some (again) Ha!!
This is how they sit today, after the help of my kids and grands: in place, off the ground , and leveled.
 Awesome job, kids!! Your mom and grand-mom appreciate you!!
I will be up-dating with pictures in a new post when I get some fencing up and chooks in place!
Also, new garden lay-out coming soon!
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Penny said...

Everyone needs a collection Sunny. :)

JO said...

I love to see all the changes you are making. Like you said you can always use them for something else. I love the little one so cute and you can reach the nests from outside. Have fun.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

One can never have too many chickens or chicken coops!! Love your coops! Cant wait to see your up dates!

Nancy1340 said...
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Nancy1340 said...
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