Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So Many Changes ......

I didn't intend this to be happening ..... it just is. My life ...... is changing. After years, and more years of heading in the same direction ......

Doing this home-made, and homegrown ...... home-business ....... homesteading...... Doing as much as we could for ourselves, and trying to help others who wanted to learn to do the same.....


Now that there is only myself ...... to cook from scratch for ..... to grow a garden for ..... to can for ..... to bake bread for ..... to make cheese for ..... to raise my own meat for,

It just doesn't seem as important ..... or needful ......not even wise ........ to expend all that energy and time for the little bit I use. I have found that too much food goes to waste ...... so I need to change my way of producing, cooking, shopping, and storing. Is it wise to keep a flock of chickens for eggs? .... or a couple dairy goats for milk? ....or some rabbits for meat?

What would I do with more than one tomato, squash, or cucumber plant? ...... or one row of beans , peas, or corn?

How long does it take me to use one jar of apple butter, when I don't always eat a slice of bread every day?

Is it even worth my effort of making my own laundry soap, when I have only 2 loads of laundry most weeks?

So I can see my "just plain country" way of life is taking a new twist of its own.


Hence, my new blog, "Changing Lanes ....." It will cover my newly-found station in life, pursuits I have had in the recesses of my mind for years ..... thoughts on how widowhood has changed my life ....... and the struggles that go along with it all.

I have enjoyed writing this blog, but as my hubby always reminded me, the only thing constant in life is change. And so I must learn to embrace it .... thankful for each new day. I hope that many of you will follow along with me as I grope my way along this new road. Otherwise I will miss each of you who have been such an important part of my blogging life.




Jennifer said...

Nice post Sunny... gives people something to think about.

Dar said...

Welcome back Sunny. I am so sorry to realize you lost your husband. My heart breaks.
As Ecclesiastes 3:4 says, A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; I love the dance the best.
God be close by your heart, my dear friend.
As for all of the excess being too many, give them away to someone who may need them. Don't give up what has given you so many memories until you are ready.
Until them, knit. Those socks are beautiful. I have never made a pair...perhaps it's time.

Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

Moving on time is always difficult - no matter the circumstances that bring us to that point. Letting go is hard - but there is always something new to grasp onto to pull ourselves forward. I think your ponderings will bring you to new realizations and new paths - and learning to enjoy new paths is a step in itself. Joy and peace to you as you walk this new pathway.

Dar said...

Thanks for stopping by again, Sunny.
In answer to your question, I have not tried their flavor similar to the turnip? We grow them and love them especially after one of these hard frosts...they sweeten!
Today I can venison forgotten in the freezer.
Have a wonderful day.


Sue said...

So glad to hear from you Sunny, you have been missed. I saw the "changes" my mother was forced to make without my dad.I will be praying for you as you are on this new journey, and will bookmark your new blog.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

You know, it's like closing a chapter in a book and now you have a whole new book, with blank pages in which you write the story. We are all here for you. blessings,Kathleen

Amish Stories said...

I thought id stop by your blog and say hello. And i hope your enjoying the beautiful fall weather that has begun. Richard from Amish Stories.


So sorry for your great loss but as you go forth into the future may God Hand guide you all the way and with each step you take. I will follow you on over to your new blog. God bless and keep you, connie