Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Blooms

These irises are blooming early this year!

Just at the right time actually..... giving me renewed hope....

And there are more on the way... I have white/lavendar ones yet to bloom.

I have been quite busy with doctor appointments lately.... New glasses (which needed re-done 2 times; they finally got them right) last Thursday; before that to the orthopedic doctor for a cortisone shot in my left knee; yesterday to the podiatrist for fitting for badly needed orthodics..... WHEW! (So glad for hubby's job where we get some insurance coverage)

.....so these early blooms gave me a sense of encouragement :) I believe the Lord uses different ways to encourage each of us, if we but take time to look and to listen.

What picks you up.... encourages you..... re-news your hope?


Jennifer said...

Your Irises are BEAUTIFUL... we have some but they havent bloomed yet. I dont even know what color they are, our neighbors gave them to us last year.

What encourages me... re-news my hope. Sweet baby animals, lol. Actually Spring does. Everything is waking up from a longs winters sleep... I love nature, it makes me happy.

Tina. said...

Love the iris' they are beautiful. And I agree the Lord does use different ways to encourage us!

Julie Fukuda said...

We have a surprise iris that came up in the bed two years ago. It bloomed again last year and has apparently liked the reception it got because there are three buds this year. I wish I could move it to a better location but probably it is happy where it is and I should enjoy it there.

Rose said...

Looking at your post was encouraging. I know if you are having spring ours is not too far behind. :-D Seriously, the daffodils finally coming in bloom and the sunshine! Love both!!