Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For "Save the Chidren" of Japan...

To my blogging friends....

I have taken the opportunity to donate one of my paintings for auction with all proceeds goint to Save the Children of Japan, because of the recent Tsunami and resulting damages there. There are 2 days left for this piece to be auctioned off so....

"Culinary Arts"

6" x 6" Shelf Setter, Oil on Canvas-covered block.

I decided to ask my blogging friends if anyone would like to help out by bidding. (I have already embarassed myself enough by begging on facebook :) )

Look what you would get in return ..... besides the joy of helping others. I keep none of the profit. It all goes to children of Japan. I have decided I will pay for the shpg myself. I will accept a check, and as soon as it clears, your painting will be shipped.

You can bid by clicking here "Daily PaintWorks" and scroll down to where you see the challenge entries. Put my name (Rebecca Jennings) in the search box. My painting will come up and you can bid. They will notify me of the winning bidder, and notify the winning bidder as well. Then we make the transaction. Or you can access the page and scroll down to see many other fine paintings on this site if you would rather bid on something else.

Thanks for your kind consideration.


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