Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bloggin' Woes!

My floors are dirty,
My house is a mess!
The dishes need doin'
But I need a rest .....

The wood needs a carryin'
Thank you, Lord, for the cart!
With all of this work
I just can't fall apart!

(But just an hour,
or two.... maybe three,
To do my bloggin'
Don't you all agree??)

The hens need a feedin'
The garden a weedin'
But I'll just be a moment ....
My bloggin' I'm heedin'

Then on to the supper...
Oh! its later than late!
I'll throw on some 'taters
For my hard-workin' mate!

Oh mercy, oh me!
Time goes too fast!
TV's a time-waster
But bloggin's a blast!!

~Written by Sunny~

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Early Frosty Morning on the Farm

Sun barely up .... but light enough to get hay out to the cows

One is at the pond drinking, where they have had to break ice to get water. Hubby will have to break it up and keep it broken up so they can drink. The ice can get pretty thick near the banks of the pond if the temperatures stay low for long.

I linger for a moment to get some photos of the sun's reflection on the ice.

Here comes hubby with the bobcat and one of 3 hay rolls he will put out

Cows on both sides of the path head for the hay rings... they know where to go when its feeding time.

This is #13, herd Boss, and she makes sure everyone knows it

Calves follow close behind the momma cows.

One cow with her new-born stays off away from the rest, but will get to the hay eventually.

You can see the steam rising from their breath, as they congregate around the feeding area.

Cows are content so we start back toward the house, the sun rising higher by the moment.

I pass by the dead tree that fell, where hubby got the last load of fire-wood. It will be nice to get back to that wood stove heat in the dining room!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Lunches... which would you pick?

His n' Hers salads ....

Hubby likes a good hearty salad with leftover grilled chicken, FF's and cheddar cheese on top of a mixed lettuce/ veggie base. Mine is the Slim n' Trim one ( how come I'm not?? :) ) with same base, avacado, red beans and swiss cheese. Now wouldn't you think that would be healthier ?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Father Knows Best .....

Remember the "Ever heard of Chicken Fever?"post?
(I had already bought some chicks ... which ended up in the stew pot)

Well, hubby's fine pick went from this ....

....... to......

....... these fine looking birds ......

to these wonderful eggs we are now getting .....

... in a few short months.
Sometimes, father still knows best ...