Monday, November 1, 2010

New Knitting Project

Can you guess who this is for?
I'll give you a hint..... Its being made out of baby weight yarn :)
AND,,,, I am successfully knitting on 3 ( thats three) needles!!
Anyway, I am making baby leg warmies and a hat to match for Baby Maddie. I do have one of the leg warmies complete and working on the other. I will post when I get this project finished.


Rose said...


Jennifer said...

Cant wait to see the finished products.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Cute cute! Love the colors!

Lorie said...

Sunny, your new granddaughter is stunning. I have not been blogging much lately, so it was good to catch up and see such happy going ons. Your knitting is beautiful. Especially love the shawl.


Sharon said...

I can not wait to see the finish product. I love the color scheme.
I never did master the knitting thing.
have a great Monday

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Oh I love the colors! Wish I knew how to knit! blessings,Kathleen