Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rabbit meat processed

Ok, here it is .... this is what we did over Labor day week-end. Not exciting I know, but given the fact that hubby had to work Sat urday, Sunday afternoon and Monday; and we needed meat in the pantry, it was a good time as we had 10 rabbits we needed to "process".
14 pints tender, boneless rabbit meat, 12 quarts of broth for soup stock, and fried rabbit last night (Tues) for hubby's birthday supper (no way are we going to pay someone else for a lesser meal)
Oh yes, birthday supper included, besides the fried rabbit, baked potatoes, long green beans, and carrot-raisin salad with added pineapple chunks and mini-marshmellows, and one of his favorites, Banana cream pie! Sorry no photos of that, as Dd and Grand arrived and we had such a good time I forgot to take pictures (my bad).
The canned meat can be used for sandwiches, pot-pies, soups, cassaroles, and meat gravy over biscuits; any way chicken can be used. It is very nutritious and very low-fat.
Do any of you "can" meat of any kind?


Vickie said...

Hi, Sunny - I don't know anything about raising meat rabbits. I would guess that it does involve alot of work, and of course, the processing. That might be a little tough. The meat looks good in the jars.

I've never put up any kind of meat. I don't have a pressure cooker/canner and I would HAVE to make sure that it's done right since you're dealing with meat. Is it alot more trouble putting up meat?

I've done pickles, jellies & jams, and tomato products, and that's about all...

Piecefulafternoon said...

I've never canned meat - but my cousins do pounds and pounds of tuna - ohhh so good. I've canned lots of other things though.

Jennifer said...

Nice... I've never canned meat.

Mountain Home Quilts said...

We usually can about 100lbs of Tuna every year. We eat venison too but I have never canned it. I was thinking of trying it when (if) hubby brings home a few bucks this year. What do you use your canned meat in?

floweringmama said...

Wow, I AM impressed. I've never know anyone to can meat. I thought I was doing good to get all the fruits and veggies done!

We do process our own deer, but we freeze it, make jerky, and summer sausage.