Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oh! I have alot of news!!!

........and I am posting on This blog because it has to do with getting settled in at my home in PA now.
Since I got back home from my winter's RV trip to Arizona and places in between, I have gradually warmed up to the idea of living back in the rolling hills of NW Pennsylvania.
I felt that if this is the place the Lord had provided for me I may as well make it "Home".

 My little (littler than the last one) house has all I need,

my garage is way beyond adequate,

there is a large, long back yard, and behind those pine trees is a small barn and henhouse.

 I have 1- 1/3 acres to work with, one-one/hundredth of what my late husband and I had in Kentucky. I will be recording the adventure of seeing what all I can do with this acreage. I love a challenge and feel I am once again up to it. Its going to be exciting!!!! 
 My neighbors here are real close, way different from the 900' from the road home in KY; that has taken a bit of getting used to.....   So year 2012, I started 3 raised bed gardens to give me somewhere to disengage myself from the world.
and added a beehive to pollinate my garden.
 I also had a new roof put on the garage, rather than have it coated, as it would have needed it soon anyway. So that was last years projects.
Then I  ran away went traveling all winter and stayed away till mid April.
2013 and onward
This year I have been working on my barn and henhouse. I figured if they were provided on the land I bought, I should make use of them. It was a scary thing at first for me, realizing if I got committed to animals I'd not likely be doing much traveling. But it certainly was better than sitting here waiting for something to happen (fingers drumming....)

Stay tuned... next entry about the progress this year so far.
Thanks for visiting!


Tina. said...

Love it! I for one, am glad you warmed up to living back here again!!! And just like every place you have owned, you make it yours, cozy and inviting, and it feels like "home".

Vickie said...

Well, howdy HERE, Sunny! you're just hopping all around, girl. I like this place - I wanna see your critters, especially your hens and coop. That always interests me - I love your house - so cozy and much bigger than mine!

Susan said...

Love hearing about your lovely place there in PA.

JO said...

So Happy your posting again. I love your house and I can't wait to see what all you have been up too.

Judy and Emma said...

It sounds like you've found the place you need to be. Best wishes to you.youwmee 14