Saturday, April 24, 2010

Critters Around Here

As we got up early one morning to get hubby off to work, out the window we saw a shadowy thing moving around in the field, head down , looked like it was hunting something.

At first we thought it was a coyote as they are not scarce here. Then as we got a better look we saw it was a red fox, probably hunting moles. I was able to get this photo of him through the window with my zoom.

Yesterday, as I set out to divide some of the mint and move it to the edge of the woods .....

........ I was pulling away some of the old dead shoots from last year to get a better look at the root system, when I came upon this patch of hair and leaves. Ahaa! a mouse nest, I bet!

I pulled back a little to get a better look so as to do them in with my shovel, but wait.......

THESE weren't mice! They were baby rabbits! Eleven of them! Well I just couldn't do them in..... they were so cute!

So I tucked the nesting material back in around them and let them be. This patch of mint will just have to wait til these babies leave their nest before it gets divided. Just what we need ..... more rabbits ...... especially with the barnful we already have here.

What kind of critters are in your neck of the woods??