Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Organization .....

My goal for this week is to turn my Sun-room into an organized room for a painting studio/sitting/guestroom. (well..... maybe two weeks) It is located off my dining room and leads to the deck off of which used to be a swimming pool, which we felt no need for (they are expensive to run) The room is 10'x 21'.

When I dug out my long-neglected oil painting supplies this spring, the only place to set it up was a cardtable in the dining room, using my old wobbly easel....

Then a month ago I found THIS....
on Craig's list for half what a new one would cost!

It was very barely used... and has a drawer for paints and brushes, adjustable canvas holder, and adjustable , foldup, legs.... all with a strong handle to carry, making it compact to take for painting anywhere.

I was so blessed to be able to get it! (and it came in handy, making it possible to take my painting supplies on vacation with me to PA) But, it does take up more space than I am wanting to part with in the dining room.
So one thing leads to another, and it is a good excuse (interpreted, reason) to get this job done! The sunroom has been the "catch-all" room since we have moved here. It holds all the memorabilia (as in ribbons, trophies) from past goat shows, and honey and beeswax candle displays and awards; the remains of my candle making supplies; old milk bottles and gallon jugs to be painted and made into cute lamps; old crosscut saws, handsaws, round saws, and slate, from my sawblade painting days; an old roll-top desk, file cabinets, table and a bench; and boxes of what-not.

After it is cleared out, I am hoping (please, please??) hubby will go ahead and put another double window in the east wall, as has been the "talked-about" plan. There is room to have a daybed in there as well, (I love daybeds), for over-night guests that visit and who have a hard time going upstairs to the guest-room. What do you think?? Can I make a welcoming room out of this chaos?? Any suggestions? Do any of you have a daybed and do you like it?


Mountain Home Quilts said...

Don'tcha love craigslist? It's great!
Your room is going to be great! I wish we had a large room like that to create such a multi-use space. I look forward to seeing what the finished room looks like!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Wow - nice size room - and a great deal from craigslist. I think the daybed would be fabulous - a place for friends or family to sit and visit while you paint or craft - and a good spot for guests too. And the new window - that would be fabulous. I guess I have no new ideas - just agree that this would be an excellent space for painting. I know you can do it - take baby steps and you'll get there. Have fun while doing it too.

Rose said...

First of all, sis, I love the new look to your blog! Secondly, I did not realize the size of your sunporch (or sunroom). I guess it's deceiving. Anyway, thirdly, I would love if I could stay in that room when I come to visit you again!! :-) And another window to let in more light? Awesome!

Dar said...

I would love to have a spare room of such size. And to play with any way I please. Only one suggestion, if there is not already one there, a fan. Either a bamboo ceiling fan or an antiquated-looking one that is energy efficient. Your overnight guests will love it even if they do not turn it on. I love the daybed idea, nice place to visit from. Definitely more light for an artist such as yourself.
Paint away...lots of brightness and sweet endings. I didn't add to the expense too much, did I?

Lady Farmer said...

Hi Sunny!
I wasn't sure which of your blogs to visit, but this is where I am! Just wanted to drop by and say hello, and thank you for following!
I'll be back to check out this and your other blogs as time allows!
Have a Blessed Day!

Jennifer said...

Good Luck... I love sun rooms :)

Vickie said...

Ok, girl, you get your STUDIO ready and start rolling out them masterpieces! This will be an excellent room for you to paint!
"Sunny's Studio" - nice ring to it!

I also have one of those french easels. It's great for painting on location and taking with you. I also have an old rickety one, and then one time I splurged and bought myself a really really nice one after I'd sold several paintings. It's big and heavy!

Yes we have a daybed at the farm. My daughter used it as her twin bed in her room when she was young. It was dark green, but we painted it white and now it's at the farm. It has a trundle, too, so we have extra room for guests!

Now get busy on that "studio"!!!

~mel said...

I need an eighth of your ambition!! Can you spare it???
I've been sitting here with a big cup of coffee reading over your post ~ and I'm exhausted! Where do you get your energy!! I have to try out your yogurt and cheese recipes one of these days. I just copied down your lazy mans cheese post from April. Maybe by next April I'll get around to trying it; but in the meantime... it'll be one of those things in the back of my mind on that "to do" list. lol

Vickie said...

Hi Sunny - me again - didn't know which blog you'd check first!

Come by for a visit - I posted about your Pay It Forward gift!

I just noticed that you wrote the bloggin' poem! That is SO cute! I feel the same way - I never hardly watch tv anymore - bloggin' is WAY too much fun!

Sunny said...

Thanks for all your helpful suggestions! I wonder, Dar, If I could get a ceiling fan that doesn't have to be wired in; just across the ceiling and down the wall to a plug-in??
And, Mel, I have lots of ambition; just takes me a while anymore to accomplish the tasks :)

jacqui said...

Sunny, I'm looking forward to seeing your progress with the room!

Have you picked a color scheme yet?