Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Frugal Hubby ... on using what you have ...

Time to fence in the new 16-acre field that hubby made hay from this year (we have one week to get our fencing materials together )

We have fence posts that we brought with us years ago when we moved here, many of them pretty rusted up, bent, and many too short, all different lengths. But when my hubby goes to work on something he does a terrific job! And thankfully, over the years, he has accumulated the needed tools and taken very good care of them.......

He needed 100 T- posts to go in between the wood posts, and at about $5 or more each for new, he decided to keep his money in his wallet and make do with what he had. Step by step, and spending many evenings after work he got the job done.

1. Weld posts together to make them all long enough and all the same length

2. Wire brush to remove all rust, with a grinder tool and wire brush disks

3. Move what he can out of the workshop to set up room to paint them, as we have been having rainy weather here for eons.

4.Paint and try to get dry running a little heat in there.... Flip and paint the other side... then again.

Finished product.... 97 like new t-posts!

My hubby is one frugal dude! We are ready for fencing to begin!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Garden

The peas poked their heads up out of the ground about a week after I had planted them. We had just about the right amount of rain to give them a good start.I plan to get some wire strung for them to climb on

The lettuce is also up ...

and the zucchini ...

and the swiss chard

We are also having a fall crop of raspberries...

I am going to re-seed in some spinach and it is about time to put in the garlic. My asparagus replacement plants will be coming in the mail any day now.

If you are growing fall garden veggies I would like to know how yours are doing.

My Mom's Chunky Applesauce

My mom always made chunky applesauce when she had the time. It is simple to make, just more time consuming. but that is the way we like it best. I was fortunate to get some apples this year that were pretty good and I decided it was worth the extra effort.

I cored and peeled, and cored and peeled, instead of running through a food mill. When I got a kettle full of apple chunks I put them on to cook over a med-low fire with about a half-cup of water in the bottom. I let them cook down and then mashed them into smaller chunks with a hand potato masher. I do not add any sugar or cinnamon until the jar is opened to be used. That way if a lid happens to come unsealed without your knowledge, you only lose the apples. Besides, most of the applesauce I've canned actually needs no sugar.

As the sauce and jars were hot , I just filled the jars and placed each one in a boiling water bath as it was readied. I processed 30 min for pints.

I made 20 pts this way . This chunky applesauce is good just as is. But, also a good alternative topping for pancakes or waffles. Nothing like having your own home-processed food the way you prefer!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Office Mascot

Hi everybody! ...... Meet "Bailey"!

There is quite a story behind Bailey. For the full scoop, go here