Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cheese, if you please (aka; Lazy Housewife Cheese)

Now that the Amish neighbors have enough extra milk to spare I get to make cheese again! This one is a simple, quick cheese that I just love!

Heat 5 qts milk to 185*and hold there while you add a coagulant such as lemon juice or vinegar ( 1/2 cup) and stir in. Let set for 10 min. pour into cheese-cloth lined colander. I do this allowing the whey to drain into a bucket so I can feed it to my chickens. Some people like to drink the whey. It is rich in Vit B

I allow the curds to drain an hour or so , just till it quits dripping. Then I put it into a bowl and add fresh chopped chives from my herb garden, some garlic granules or fresh minced garlic (mine isn't quite ready yet) about 1 tsp sea salt and some coarse-ground pepper.Mix this all in good. At this point you can either put it into a covered plastic keeper for spreading, or , as I like to do, put it into molds. As an added plus, this cheese freezes well for later use.

I have some pretty molds I like to use for at least part of the cheese. These have drain holes in the sides and bottoms. I let it drain further in the molds, set in a pan in the fridge for a few hours till chilled.
The end product... what do you think? Would you like to try some?


Rose said...

Awesome! Reading this at night with a snack of guess what... cheese spread and Flipsides pretzel crackers! But yours looks better than what I have from the grocery deli. Oh well, I can pretend! ;-)

Amy ~ 12 Acres said...

What beautiful cheese! I've never seen cute molds like yours before. I'd love to try some, it's looks delicious!

She Who is by Birth said...

I can certainly vouch for the flavor! It tastes as good as it looks. :-)

~mel said...

Wow... this looks like a cheese recipe that I HAVE to try! Thanks for sharing!!

Jennifer said...

Very Cool!

cindy said...

will be trying out this cheese recipe.