Monday, June 28, 2010

Sometimes I still miss...

SGCH Honey Acres ClassicKaraoke 5*M
as a 2 yo she was
~Permanent Grand Champion
~Top Ten for her breed nationally for milk and bf
~LA score of 90
~National All-American 2 yo Sable Saanen doe

20+ years of breeding and raising dairy goats, for milk, show and export..... some of the best times in my life.

I miss the days I could sit down to milk one of my goats, lean my head on their side and relax...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Company's Comin'!

First of all, I want to welcome my new followers! I hope you will find something here that will be of use to you, or maybe give you a smile. I will be getting around to your blogs and gleaning what I can from you also.

Company's comin'! Remember way back when we were kids and that announcement would make excitement run through your veins? Well, "Kissin' cousin" Connie and hubby Bud from TX will be stopping in tonight on their way home from visiting relatives in PA.

These daylilies bloomed just in time to greet them! They should be pulling in the driveway about 8 pm. It's been a few years since seeing them.

When hubby was a young boy, Connie would always stop and take him fishing with her own kids. After hubby and I were married, a visit from Connie was always something to look forward to. One year she bought me several cases of canning jars so I could put up all the garden produce we were harvesting from our huge garden. In turn we sent her home with many jars of honey produced by our own bees.

While driving truck OTR in later years, we were always welcome to stop at their home on our way through Texas. She would come pick us up from the truckstop and take us back a few days later.

Tomorrow we may go to some of the 400-mile yard sale taking place across 68/80 in Kentucky. I'll be sure to let you know any of the bargains we find... Have a great weekend!

(PS.... back to my organizing next week )